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If you don’t meet these pre-requisites, chances are high that you might not get your loan.

Credit Scores

First and foremost pre-requisite before you apply for any loan is to check your credit scores. This report will show intricate facts and minute details like poor loan repayment history as well.

Careful practices such as timely EMI payment, not maxing out the credit limit, frequent credit reports, clear previous loans as much as you can before taking a new one. Not just this, applicants also get rejected of loans because of the co-signer’s credit score, so be mindful who you chose as your co-signer!


Not commonly enough so far, but loans get rejected if you don’t qualify their minimum age bar. Generally loans are available for people who are at least 18 years of age, but its always advisable to check the details of the loan applications.

History of income source

Not just age, these applicants also get rejected if the lender feels there’s no stable source of income. Checking of bank statements, salary deposits, how often the applicant switches jobs, everything matters!

At the end of the day, everyone wants their money back of course, lenders are very very careful of whom they lend money to. The requirement is usually at least a total of 1-2 years work experience, and 6 months in the current company.


Speaking of how careful the lenders are of lending money, there’s a check on field – your residential area. A quick inquiry and background check before they actually sanction the loan amount to you.

Any negative remark can actually hamper your application and the relationship with the bank till some extent, as they’ll have it on record as to why you were denied of the loan the last time.

Too many cards can be a problem too

Surprisingly enough, even if you have the capability and the income to repay the EMIs of your new loan that you’ve applied for, the bank can still reject your application if they don’t feel that you can actually repay the money back to them.

Even if you are shelling out half of your salary in loans and you can still manage your way out of it, chances are that your application will never be able to go to the final stage.

Minimum balance charges and bouncing cheques

As mentioned earlier, and a commonly known fact, that a bank account statement of six months to an year has to be submitted (also depends on the type of loan being taken too).

Banks charge a fee towards accounts which fail to maintain the minimum balance. No matter how minimal these fees might be, it has a deep negative impact on the credit score. Cheque bounces are a big no no too. Insufficiency of funds and rampant usage of cheques and credit cards, banks cautiously stay away from applicants with such conduct.

The question that might be arising in your head now is, how can you predict these before hand? How can these roadblocks be avoided?

With SAVENSA Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. availing loans has become a lot easier for borrowers especially in Bengaluru and Mysuru. Not all problems can be avoided, but yes we provide door step assistance for top banks, NBFCs and loan providing companies we work with, which includes Bajaj Finserv, HDFC Bank and Axis Bank.

We guide you through every step and detail while applying for personal loans, business loans, doctors loan etc. We simplify the process. And, make you credit confident within minutes. With over 18,000+ happy customers, we are happy to announce that we have maintained a consistent track record of average loan disbursement of 3 days! Our financial services & solutions are designed keeping your needs in mind. We often get feedback about making our customer’s life simple and hassle free as we facilitate loan process well with a quick query response time. Availing loans is now as easy as 1 – 2 – 3 with SAVENSA Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

For anything and everything else, please know we are just one call away. Feel free to call us on 8296 11 6666.

We simplify the process to get your financial needs fulfilled and make you credit confident.

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